BellaBreakout 1.0

The ball has to hit the bricks, and you have keep the ball from being dropped
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The main aim of the game is that the ball has to hit the bricks: you have to launch the ball with left click of the mouse and move the paddle right and left. You have to keep the ball from being dropped off the screen. When hitting the bricks you can obtain various power ups: brick destroyer, multi ball, laser paddle, extra life, catch paddle, through ball, shrink paddle, grow paddle, slow ball, fast ball, and lose a life. Each time you hit a brick you increase your score. You can collect bonuses for extra points. You lose lives every time you drop the ball.

When playing, you can pause the game with the "P" key; at the top you can see the score, lives, level and hi score. In the game options you can turn on/off particles, shadows, anti-aliasing, game music; modify the paddle sensitivity, and change the starting level. After finishing a game you can write down your name in the high score table included.
Minimum system requirements: Processor 1Ghz, Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, Direct X 7, 256Mb RAM, 32MB hard disk space.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • You can start the game at any level
  • Includes power ups for more fun


  • The speed of downloading can be slow
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